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Euthanasia: Killing The Innocent, Helpless And Useless!

By Dr. Don Boys
© 1997 Cornerstone Communications

Euthanasia means "good or easy death," but call it what it is – the right to kill the helpless, the innocent and the useless. It is a ploy to get rid of all the useless "eaters," people who take up space on the earth and consume the resources. It is astounding that we are even discussing this issue at this time in our history. It indicates how uneducated, uncivilized, uncaring, and unthinking we are as a society. It also shows our lack of courage for you will notice that these brave, bold and brash killers are going after those who can't fight back! But cowards have always done that!

Dr. Joseph Fletcher wrote, "If it is believed that the well-being of persons is the highest goal, then it follows that either suicide or mercy killing could be the right thing to do in some exigent and tragic circumstances." But man's highest goal is not his well-being! There are many higher goals than his "well being." Some examples: the goal of making others happy; seeing your children and grandchildren thrive in God's will; serving Christ in a good church; and a hundred others.

Note his positive spin: Killing the helpless is the "right thing" to do. Well, the helpless sure would not agree to that. Neither does God. We are living in a day when men call good evil and evil good. Right is wrong and wrong is right. Up is down and down is up. Christians are evil and pagans are good. The Bible is bad and any other leftist, statist, new-age, neopagan rag is applauded, approved and accepted!

"Geriatrics" magazine opined, "How long shall life be preserved when there is no redeeming social value?" Ah, yes, "redeeming social value." Does a person have the quality of life that makes a contribution to society and does he enjoy his life? Is he a minus or a plus to society? (Wow! If we hold liberals to that test, they would all be disposed of!) If one is blind or deaf or dumb (like most liberals) then snuff them out. After all, they can't enjoy life the way "normal" people do.

Dr. Glanville Williams wrote that he wants "humanitarian infanticide" (killing babies after birth) and euthanasia for handicapped kids. Why? Because they don't have the quality of life "normal" people have. They are also so much trouble, aren't they? And expensive!

But the trophy for muddled thinking (non-thinking) goes to Dr. Robert Williams who wrote in "Northwest Medicine," that "planning to prevent overpopulation of the earth must also include euthanasia...." We need to kill off the helpless because they are taking up too much space on earth without producing anything in return. And one of the biggest myths since the one about what great thinkers liberals are is how over-populated the earth is.

Those people who are fanatics about the earth's population must not travel outside their ivory towers very often. Sure Mexico City, Calcutta, New York City, etc. are crowded but that's only a small portion of earth's surface. There are vast stretches of land across the fruited plain where you don't see a house, let alone a city! The over-population myth is a smoke-screen for murder of the helpless "eaters."

In fact, every person on earth could live in Alaska with each family getting 3,500 square feet of living space! We use less than 1% of the world's ice-free land area for human settlement.

Dr. Robert Sassone in a report to the California legislature on population shows that every person in the world could live in Texas and New Mexico with homes, industry and parks and the rest of the land in the US. would be sufficient for our food supply! Some leftists out there are trying to con us into becoming killers of the helpless. But their argument won't fly.

Another "professional" wrote in the "Seattle Times" suggesting the killing of "potential suicides" and "hopelessly criminal individuals" as well as the "terminally ill in discomfort or pain." Sure, snuff out people who are in the way and taking up space.

These fools don't understand that if they keep breathing, they will one day be old or ill with not much quality of life. Promoting euthanasia is not good long term planning.

Would you want to be in a hospital with a euthanasia-biased physician who has a missionary zeal for organs standing over you with scalpel in hand? "No way that could happen," says the innocent one. Oh, but is happening right now. In the Netherlands, it happens every day! The "U.S. News and World Report" revealed, "Contrary to law, some three-fifths of all Dutch cases of euthanasia go unreported....1 in 5 of the unreported cases involved the most vexing kind of euthanasia, death without a patient's consent." Say WHAT? Many more people are being killed in the Netherlands than is being reported and 20% of them are killed without a patient's permission or knowledge! Those physicians are killers in white coats. They smile when they kill you. They have "good" ulterior motives: they want to help someone else with your organs. They are also making room for someone else in the over-populated world.

But that's not always true. One 27-year-old ballet dancer was killed by her physician because she had arthritis in her toes and could not continue dancing. After all, her "quality of life" was not what she wanted. She couldn't dance any more. So she was killed. Could your physician be the one who "treated" her? Better find out.

Only fools, fanatics, and high salaried physicians are promoting euthanasia! You can rest assured that the helpless, innocent, useless, burdensome and sickly people are not clamoring for mercy killing.

In a civilized society where we have attained a measure of culture, values, mores and many and sundry religions, we should be saying to those who don't have a high quality of life, who are in pain and distress, "I am sorry your life is difficult. What can I do to make it better? May I give you a glass of cold water? May I help with your medical bills? Would you like for me to keep your children while you are ill? Would you permit me to clean your house for you while you are ill? I am here to help. What can I do?"

A society is measured by the way it treats its young, old, helpless and ill, and God warns in Proverbs 21:13, "Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard." While the state may close its eyes to the "mercy killings" going on in America and the world, God is not, and I would not want to get caught in God's wheels of judgment. They grind very fine.

We are here to minister not to murder, and make no mistake: Euthanasia, mistakenly called "mercy killing" is murder.

Copyright 1997, Dr. Don Boys

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