Was the Flood World-Wide?

The Genesis Flood produced driving rain, surging oceans, raging rivers, tidal waves, seaquakes, earthquakes and other violent results. The earth heaved, basins sank, mountains were raised and the waters dropped fossil-laden sediments over most of the earth. Results of the this are seen everywhere.


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The Genesis Flood produced driving rain, surging oceans, raging rivers, tidal waves, seaquakes, earthquakes and other violent results. The earth heaved, basins sank, mountains were raised and the waters dropped fossil-laden sediments over most of the earth. Results of the this are seen everywhere.

The major rivers of the world have all been at much higher levels. In Washington, D.C., the waters of the Potomac Basin at one time flowed up to 265 feet above present levels. The same is true of  rivers in other parts of the Earth.

All animals and billions of fish were destroyed in the Flood and were covered with sediment thereby producing fossils that evolutionists talk so much about. However, they try to convince reasonable people that the animals and fish were covered slowly over billions of years, but the fossil record does not support that theory.

Even evolutionary geologist, Carl Dunbar, admitted that almost all fossils were inundated by catastrophic events such as floods. He describes how a creature dies and its body is torn apart by scavengers. If it is not devoured by scavengers, it will decay. He adds that if the carcass is buried under sediment, it is preserved and safe from predators.

Dunbar wrote: “Water-borne sediments are so much more widely distributed than all other kinds, that they include the great majority of all fossils. Flooded streams drown and bury their victims in the shifting channel sands or in the muds of the valley floor.”

How does a dead fish lie on the bottom of a lake for hundreds of years until it is fossilized? Of course, that doesn’t happen in real life, only in the fertile and desperate minds of evolutionists. Animals, plants, and fish were covered immediately as the worldwide Flood waters receded. The surging rivers carried sediment along with animals, trees, etc., and deposited them in layers (strata) on the ocean floor.

Often large, fighting, writhing animals were dropped on a stratum, and then a heavy layer of sediment covered them with enormous weight, crushing the animals. The universal Flood resulted in millions of fossilized animal remains found in massive graveyards with their bones encased in rock. Their soft body parts quickly decayed leaving either their bones as silent testimonials to sudden destruction, or impressions of where the bones had been. Fossilized fish have been found numbering  millions in an apparent state of panic with no evidence of  predator attack!

In Agate Springs, Nebraska, there is a stratum where thousands of bones from fossilized  animals are jumbled together, indicating unusual transportation and rapid burial.

Dr. Duane Gish reports on the burial conditions of creatures in the “Cleveland shale” in Ohio where all kinds of fish, mostly sharks, were found from five feet to fifty feet below the surface. Five foot sharks were pressed flat from top to bottom to the thickness of a quarter of an inch! Their entombment shows that they were trying to swim in sediment-laden water, but were unable to swim and were finally crushed by the settling sediment.

Geologist Hugh Miller, describing the Devonian sedimentary deposit covering much of England said: “At this period in our history, some terrible catastrophe involved  sudden destruction of the fish of an area at least a hundred miles from boundary to boundary…[the area has been] strewed thick with remains, which exhibit unequivocally the marks of violent death. The figures are contorted, contracted, curved; the tail in many instances is bent around to the head; the spines stick out, the fins are spread to the full, as in fish that die in convulsions…”

Flood critics have objected to the Genesis story because the Flood is a perfect framework for what appears in the geological record. The world Flood is a much more reasonable explanation for the present condition of the earth than the fairy tale of evolution, so the critics must protect their untenable positions by seeking to discredit the universal Flood.

A world flood account, where only a few people survived, usually after obedience to some “god,” is found in more than 200 different cultures. Of course, those stories were corrupted versions of the original Flood of Noah. The flood stories of other nations are outrageous extremes while the Genesis account is sane, logical, and believable.

Let us suppose that there were not any other flood stories from other cultures of the world: the evolutionists would use that against us saying, “Surely you know enough about human nature to realize that such an event in history would be told down through the centuries, so obviously the Genesis Flood did not happen.”

My critics have pointed out the many flood stories from other cultures, and they make much of the  nonsensical, outrageous tales, suggesting that the Bible version is just a myth like the others and derived from them. Of course, we believe that the Bible version is the true one and all the others are corruptions of the actual event.

It is not at all unreasonable to expect a people to pass down something like a universal Flood that destroyed everything and everyone except a few people. In fact, it would be incredible if a culture did not have such a story, and it is expected that many of those stories would be corrupted over the years. God protected the true account by recording it in the Scripture.

The Flood would also account for the fact that recorded history goes back to, well, the time of the universal Flood, about 5,000 years ago! Well, I suppose that could be coincidental, but why do the ancient civilizations appear at the same time and very suddenly? Another coincidence?

Noah, his wife, three sons and their wives lived in the Fertile Crescent of the Mesopotamian Valley, located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, an area known today as Iraq. Noah and his family were the only humans who survived the raging waters of judgment.

Bible critics tell us that the Genesis story is a campfire story, old wives’ tale, etc., that was accepted as part of Hebrew sacred literature. Of course, if that accusation is true, then John 3:16 cannot be trusted either! The problem with the critics is in their hearts as well as their heads.

We are told that Noah could never have chased down all the animals and herded them into the ark, but of course, the Bible does not say that he did. Only uninformed Bible critics say that. Genesis 6:20 promised that “two of every sort shall come unto thee.” So, the silly idea that Noah spent years searching for all the animals in the world is not supported by Scripture.

We are told that the flood was not universal, that it was only a local flood along the Tigris River. Unbelieving scientists must never permit anything supernatural since then they would have to give an account to a holy God whom they have rejected and refused for a lifetime. However, you don’t have to be too bright to realize that if it were only a local flood, there would be no need to have an ark! Nor would there be a purpose to take animals on the ark.

Furthermore, it was God’s purpose to destroy a degenerate race, and His purpose could not have been realized by a local flood that carried off only a few thousand people. The local flood theory doesn’t hold water.

God promised three times after the Flood that He would never wipe out “everything living” and “all flesh” again with such a flood, but if the Flood were local, then God did not keep His promise because millions of people have died in local floods since Noah’s day. For those who believe the Bible, there is no possibility that the Genesis Flood was a local event. Those professing Christians who teach a local flood do so to pander to evolutionists hoping to appear sophisticated and intellectual. They always fail.

Another reason for a universal Flood was to kill all land-dwelling, air-breathing animals on the earth (Genesis 6:17), and since they had scattered all over the world, the worldwide Flood was essential to accomplish God’s purpose.

Christ’s warning to future generations about coming judgment on the basis of what happened to Noah’s generation would be pointless if a large portion of the human race escaped the Flood.

This fact is made clear in Genesis 6:13 that says, “The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.” So, it is clear, if you believe the Bible, that the Earth was destroyed by water as geology clearly shows. There is no problem with geology, it is theology that is the problem. Geology supports the universal Flood, and it is, as Whitcomb and Morris said, a “mighty evangelistic witness to a world in rebellion against its Creator.”

The Bible is true. The Flood was universal and came about because of man’s rebellion against God. Just as Noah and his family were saved by their obedience, you can be saved by repenting of sin and trusting Christ as your personal savior

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